The Future of Value Generation – The New eBook from Holonomics Education

Tolkein QuoteNow more than ever before in an increasingly complex and uncertain world, there is a need to ensure effective strategic impacts on the understanding, design, development and communication of the value propositions that organisations offer within a global context.

Business leaders need to ensure that people across functions understand both where and why new propositions are being built, how the underlying infrastructure can support them, and also where there is any duplication, such as developing multiple back-end systems.

By developing situational awareness, leaders will learn to understand how and where their people can be best deployed in order to be fully engaged with their work, productive and contribute the most value based on both their aptitude and attitude.

I am therefore pleased to announce today the publication of the new Holonomics Education eBook The Future of Value Generation: Developing Successful and Sustainable Value Propositions Through Situational Awareness, Mapping and Holonomic Thinking.


In this book you will learn the following:

  • How to think about and map user needs
  • Understand the relationship between value propositions and value chains
  • Develop value propositions which are integrated into the strategic goals of your organisation
  • Understand and develop situational awareness
  • How to remove bias, misalignment and inefficiency
  • How to break down complex systems into meaningful components
  • Discover where communication problems lie
  • Gain strategic competitive advantage
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Discover potential to structure around small self-organising teams

I would sincerely like to thank Helen Blake and Cindy Barnes from Futurecurve for their valued comments and contributions to this book, and especially Simon Wardley whose maps have been made available for freely under creative license.

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