Press Release: Global Sustainability Thought Leader Simon Robinson to Address Health and Well Being Professionals

Author and educator Simon Robinson teams up with the Green Spa Network 8th Annual Congress guiding business leaders in the spa and wellness Industry to cause positive change.

Simon RobinsonThe Green Spa Network Annual Congress event is well known for inspiring Spa and Wellness industry professionals with visionary thinkers at the cutting edge of sustainability, wellness, and transformation. This year is no exception. Renowned sustainability leader Simon Robinson will address wellness business leaders at this year’s 8th Annual Congress to be held in Yosemite, CA, from Oct. 27-30, 2015.

With colleagues such as Fritjof Capra and Gunther Sonnenfeld, Robinson has his fingers on the pulse of innovation in sustainability leadership thinking with a deep understanding and respect for the role that personal vitality plays in supporting a vital planet. Simon and his wife Maria Moraes Robinson co-authored their award winning book Holonomics, Business Where People and Planet Matter and have been making sustainability news across the globe causing positive change towards a sustainable future.

“What I am really looking forward to is the fact that this congress brings together so many people from absolutely every part of the spa industry…” Robinson says. “There are some really exciting ways in which we spas can evolve, and which I have been discussing with the network already, but of course these seeds will grow and flourish once we start to go deep into the envisioning process with each and every participant.”

Simon’s recent international speaking engagements include TEDx, Sustainable Brands, London and San Diego, the GSM World Congress, Cannes, Nokia World Congress, Mobile Internet and Strategy Execution Summit.

To register for this event and get to spend time with Simon please visit

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