Holonomics in the news at Sustainable Brands London

Holonomics Plenary 2
Maria and I spent last week in London where we were running both a workshop and presenting the opening plenary on holonomic thinking, leadership and sustainable strategies. You can watch our opening plenary and see our slides via this link:

Holonomic Thinking: Upgrading Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New Economy

A number of articles and interviews were published:

Speakers Reimagine Business Models, Stakeholder Engagement, Product Sustainability on #SB14London Day 2

Journalist Maxine Perella writes about the second day at Sustainable Brands in which she writes:

One emerging business mindset is holonomic thinking, which blends a series of disciplines together such as biomimicry, life cycle analysis, spirituality, interconnectedness, philosophy, literacy and physics. The first two speakers of the morning, Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson, co-authors of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, showed how the approach could be applied with a case study on a Brazilian hospital — a not-for-profit organisation that was keen to embed the philosophy into its culture.

A series of holonomics workshops helped break down social hierarchies within the hospital environment, enabling all levels of staff to have greater involvement at a strategic level. At its core, holonomics brings forth five universal human values — peace, truth, love, right-action and non-violence.

“These are extremely powerful because they speak directly of relationships,” Robinson said. “It’s not enough just to measure a brand economically, we connect with brands through feeling.”

#SB14London: How Holonomic Thinking Can Help Us Upgrade Our Leadership Skills for the New Economy

This is a review and reflections from our workshop from David Harding-Brown who was one of the participants.

How to Breathe New Life Into Sustainability To Build Your Brand And Business

In his article in Forbes, Simon Mainwaring wrote the following:

There are three key ways to ensure that your sustainability efforts maintain the necessary engagement and impact that your brand, business, and our planet needs. The first area is integrated brand storytelling. Inside many companies an invisible barrier persists between marketing and sustainability, especially in terms of budgetary support and the priority given to sustainability by leadership and marketing. Instead, marketing departments need to open their aperture on how they view brand storytelling to capitalize on how critical sustainability is to consumers, and especially, Millennials and Gen Z.

Simon Robinson and Maria Moraes Robinson in their new book Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, go so far as to argue that business leaders need to engage all four ways of knowing – thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuition – to truly understand the nature of a brand in today’s fractured media landscape, and to unlock the power of sustainability efforts to galvanize leadership, employees, customers, and consumers to rally around those efforts.

Brands delivering deeper value at Sustainable Brands 2014

Hannah Jolliffe from Greenhouse wrote a review of Sustainable Brands, including Holonomics in her write-up:

The Greenhouse team has been at the event and it’s been interesting to hear about how the big corporates are working to deliver deeper value. We’ve also been inspired by some of the smaller, emerging brands, such as LYF Shoes and thought leaders like Simon Robinson of Holonomics Education.

Nine Insights and Nine Themes from #SB14London, Morning 2

One of the hosts of Sustainable Brands was Sally Uren, Chief Executive of Forum for the Future, who summarised the first morning of plenary presentations using the mnomics of Reimagine and Redesign.

HP Continues Living Progress Exchange Discussions Online and at #SB14London

Maria was invited to join HP’s Living Progress Exchange which was also broadcast concurrently online via a Convetit ThinkThank, which you can find more about in this article by Veronica Recanati.

In addition to these articles, Maria and I were also interviewed and asked to explain the essential insights from Holonomics:

And we also appear in this summary of Day Two at Sustaianble Brands:

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